As a kid I got picked on horribly. So bad that I used to have anxiety. In 8th grade, I was extremely insecure and probably tried a bit hard to fit in.


I remember right around the time Nirvana was on MTV (if you know this then you know the look) I decided I wanted to fit in with some kids I thought were cool. I took a bunch of old sweaters from my dad and got some corduroy pants. I was so excited to change up my style and finally fit in with my crowd.


The morning came and I wore my new clothes to school. It started with stares from people who were confused. Then came the jokes. Then came the meanest girl I had ever met who tore me down in front of other people.


All because of what? My clothes had changed? I think that day left a mark for a reason. It is a reminder deep in my brain to always be myself regardless of what is cool or what others think.


I let other people define my story that day. I let them tell me who I could be. I let them define what my clothing meant.


It haunted me for years. Until I realized

that I control my story. I choose what my experiences mean. I define who I want to be.


This same “change” experience like in middle school happens as an adult too. When you want to do something new and it doesn’t fit other people’s version of you. Maybe it is a new hobby, a new style, writing a book, starting a business, changing careers, etc.


Your story is your power. You define it, not them.


Have you ever had an experience like this?