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Create Your PowerStory™

Grow Sales, Engagement, and Impact in minutes by telling powerful stories with this fill-in-the-blank template

Simply fill in the blanks in this workbook and you will have better ads, social posts, blog posts, and content than 80% of people online today.

Use this skill anywhere to have more success in business, non-profit, or personal endeavors.

I Am Keith Griffis,
I turn Struggle into a SuperPower via my PowerStory™ Method.

I stumbled on the need for this when I started writing about my struggles with my dads passing. People responded and in a big way. I realized I took storytelling for granted. This guide gives you my cheat sheet that will bring in more donations, create more sales, or even improve your engagement.

What this PowerStory™ Template Can Do For You

Grow Sales

Use them in Ads

Use PowerStories™ in your Facebook ads to dramatically increase leads and sales.

Increase Your Impact

What about Content?

Use PowerStories™  in your videos and blog posts to emotionally connect with your audience.

Change Lives

What will it do?

PowerStories™ tap into our innermost feelings leaving a lasting impression. Allowing you to change lives.

Copyright 2020 Keith Griffis.

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