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You define your Story, not your Trauma.

As a kid I got picked on horribly. So bad that I used to have anxiety. In 8th grade, I was extremely insecure and probably tried a bit hard to fit in.   I remember right around the time Nirvana was on MTV (if you know this then you know the look) I decided I…
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: why 99% of Online Entrepreneurs Get it wrong and how to do it right

Influencer marketing has been a term turn thrown around liberally with the past 10 years. It took over for viral marketing as one of the top marketing terms of the last half decade. With the surge in popularity he would think that people are getting it right and it was working. The reality is that…
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Less Automation, More Humanity

We are encroaching on the age where automation and software take over more jobs at a faster rate than ever before. AI is learning what we say to eachother that makes us take action, what we see in our images and videos, and understanding our speech. This is not inherently bad, unless we do it…
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