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You define your Story, not your Trauma.

As a kid I got picked on horribly. So bad that I used to have anxiety. In 8th grade, I was extremely insecure and probably tried a bit hard to fit in.   I remember right around the time Nirvana…

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: why 99% of Online Entrepreneurs Get it wrong and how to do it right

Influencer marketing has been a term turn thrown around liberally with the past 10 years. It took over for viral marketing as one of the top marketing terms of the last half decade. With the surge in popularity he would…

Less Automation, More Humanity

We are encroaching on the age where automation and software take over more jobs at a faster rate than ever before. AI is learning what we say to eachother that makes us take action, what we see in our images…

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These 5 PowerStory™ types drive 80% of online business & non-profit transactions & engagement

I was struggling to push my message on facebook and in person only to feel empty.

And then I stopped selling and started being human (holy crap did that feel good).

I started telling these 5 PowerStories and I saw 1000% increase in engagement, more sales, and greater impact.


I have boiled down these story templates into my Top 5PowerStory Maps ™ PowerPack.

Don't waste the 10 yrs it took me to master this. Do it in minutes, and be more human, have fun doing it, and make more impact.

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You will be up and running in minutes and telling more powerful stories. 

Let's be honest, Selling sucks. Stories are fun.

I am the worst salesman (probably not great to say when I trying to get you to buy something). I hated sales in my past life. I had mental blocks and struggled at it.

Until I realized that the customers who bought from me never really heard a "pitch".


In fact, we spent most of our time together telling stories to eachother (yes, a two way conversation). I started seeing a pattern of success around these stories.


I saw it happen in my ads and online. I saw it in my social media posts and blog posts. And it went against all the things I was told I "Should do" to sell.


So I put on my engineer hat (my original job) and started to track the patterns. There were actually only 5 that seemed to repeatedly have success. I became obsessed with finding them, using them, testing them, and they worked nearly every time.


I started telling these exact 5 PowerStories™ and I saw 1000% increase in engagement, more sales, and greater impact.


They powered cheaper ads, better engagement, and more customers with more results.


I decided to make these accessible for those that could use them, but didn't want to spend the 10 years of their life researching them like I did. So I boiled down these story templates into my Top 5 PowerStory Maps ™ PowerPack.


These simple fill-in-the-blank templates allow you to create exact PowerStories™ in a matter of minutes.

The PowerStory™ Map PowerPack includes...

PowerStory Maps - PowerPack

Grow Sales

Use them in Ads

Use PowerStories™ in your Facebook ads to dramatically increase leads and sales.

Increase Your Impact

What about Content?

Use PowerStories™  in your videos and blog posts to emotionally connect with your audience.

Change Lives

What will it do?

PowerStories™ tap into our innermost feelings leaving a lasting impression. Allowing you to change lives.

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